At I’m Possible Training, we are the creators and originators of the training methodology we have labeled, Skill Enhancement training. While there had been glimpses of this training approach in the past, this methodology as a whole and as an overall training system, is less than 10 years old, built on a different perspective of purpose. See, within the classic form of basketball training, what we call Game Enhancement Training, the training purpose is not on revealing weaknesses and diagnosing problems, it’s on performing game repetitions, making game reads,  and training within game situations. 


In the case of this traditional approach, any players weaknesses that are present, or underlying problems that lay hidden, generally remain embedded within that player. Skill Enhancement Training, however, is what we do at I’m Possible Training to dig those weaknesses out. Some weaknesses are on the surface, and some are buried deep within your game, seemingly unsolvable, unreachable, and  undetectable.  And that’s why players travel to us from around the world… for us to discover their weaknesses.


The specialty of Skill Enhancement is to hunt down weaknesses and then surgically and systematically turn them into strengths using a variety of training tools and diagnostic methods.  


When we use a Rip Cone or a training tool to help target a particular skill, some may have a hard time picturing the game because they are trying to get it to perfectly match a game situation. After all, when is someone going to grab a cone in the game and take it to that spot?  But since game situations are not the reasons for our methodology in the first place, one can start to understand that we are only using training tools to diagnose and solve basketball skill and motor skill related weaknesses, and then use that data and our methods to enhance and optimize the raw skills of a player, completely outside of game situations.


Because in the game and within the traditional training approach, a player will naturally hide their weaknesses and utilize their strengths. So in order for us to properly show a player their skill related weaknesses, we often have to remove them from the context of the game so they can truly see each naked skill for all it’s vulnerabilities. 


The problem is if you only look at what we do as if we are merely providing fancier ways to get game repetitions, cool looking ways to work on game situations, or even a more modern way to work on game reads, you’ll completely miss what Skill Enhancement Methodology is actually doing. We are not offering a modified form of the traditional developmental approach.  Skill Enhancement training is not a replacement to the way a basketball player would typically train. It’s a supplement. It’s an add on. 


It’s putting raw skills under a microscope.  No game situations, no game repetitions needed. That’s Skill Enhancement training. And It’s new to the game, so instead of comparing it to what you’re familiar with, just seek to understand the role that Skill Enhancement methodology plays and see if its makes for a little more common sense. 

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