At I’m Possible Training, we are known for leading the way for basketball training innovation. We created the medicine basketball and the concept of utilizing training tools for more than just stationary ball handling. We then invented the Rip Cone, to allow players, trainers, and coaches the opportunity to get physical and active with cones for the purpose of skill related accountable, rather than the traditional stationary cones. We developed the Skill Lab Training Backboard, giving players at all our facilities, the opportunity to learn how to utilize the full size of the backboard to increase their finishing efficiency. We invented the weighted tennis ball, to replace what was created for the game of tennis, with a tool created with basketball in mind.


And of course, we created the Skill Lab, an innovative first in the world of basketball training facilities. 


But if you’re looking for where we fit in the world of development, look first to the first innovator of basketball training, Pistol Pete Maravich. It was the "Pistol" who introduced the ball wrap, leg taps, basketball squeezes and fingertip taps, and many more those same types of basketball training. All of these examples, have the same components in common. None of them involve game reads, game situations, and game-like repetitions. Instead they focus on raw skills, coordination, rhythm, physical traits, and basketball related qualities that aids the overall game of a basketball player. And while our methods weren’t around while the Michael Jordans or Kobe Bryant’s of the world were growing up, it is safe to say they both utilized Pistol Pete Maravich’s techniques to better their skills. 


At I’m Possible Training, we took the foundation that Pete Maravich developed, and we broadened it. We took the concept of game characteristic training and we built upon it, advancing the concepts in the modern world of basketball training. So if you’ve ever done a ball wrap, which is not situational or game like, you already understand the logic. Increase the raw skill and allow the increase to flow into your game. 


That is I’m Possible Training. 

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